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Bessemer Mail Carriers Being Transferred

Ironwood -August 26, 2009

Facing declining mail volume and decreasing revenues, the US Postal Service is making some cost cutting moves, by combining sorting and delivery in neighboring post offices..

The merger of sorting and delivery services has already been done in fifty -three offices in Wisconsin and the Upper Peninsular. The average savings are $46,000 according to Postal Services representative, Marge Oehlke.

The cost costing measures will now be implemented in the Western U.P. on or about  September 26th, 2009.

The six Post Offices effected are: Hancock carriers to be transferred to Houghton, Negaunee postal carriers will be transferred to Ishpeming. .Locally, the Bessemer carriers will work out Ironwood postal facility.

Mail services at the six location will remain unchanged. The changes will be transparent to postal custumersN

The mergers mean that less postal clerks, who do the sorting will be needed in the effected offices. The postal service has had a hiring freeze in effect for two years. According to Oehlke  Postal clerks in Bessemer, Hancock and Negaunee will be used to fill the vacant positions elsewhere as needed.

Township to Cut Off Water To Park

Township board of trustees sent notice to park owners

Ironwood - August 26, 2009

At Mondays Township Board meeting , the board approved shutting off the water to the Lake Road mobile home park.

The original owners of the park Hartha and Leonard Hughes sold the park to Edmund Palmeri, who subsequently sold the property to Jay Stewart. Neither Palmeri nor Stewart have responded to the Township's communications.

An agreement had been reached where the park manager would collect the utility payment from the tenants and pay the township directly.

Since then there have been two more water leaks at the park and the bill has risen enough to cause concern by the trustees. The water charges for five months amounted to $13,990.54.  The normal usage for the park is $1000 per month. Earlier this year Kathy Richards Management was appointed by the court to collect rents and pay bills.

The county is also looking for payment on the past due taxes.

Mr. and Mrs. Hughes have begun foreclosure proceedings against Palmeri.



Wakefield Revises Cell Phone Policy

Wakefield  Marenisco School District Revises Cell Phone Policy For Students

Wakefield - August 26, 2009

The Wakefield-Marenisco School Board meet in regular session Tuesday evening. The meeting was delayed eight days to accommodate the administration.

The board quickly dispensed with routine items such as approval of prior meeting minutes consent agenda and the like. The district moved through many items with deliberate dispatch,

Matt Spets, the new W/M principal, introduced changes he recommended in the student handbooks. Matthew suggested that the changes in policy were minor and just dealt with the reality of today's lifestyles. The changes mostly center around Cell Phone use within the school building during school hours.

In the elementary school, students will turn in their cell phones to the teacher upon entering the classroom. Students will be permitted 5 minutes of cell phone use per day to call home.

Students in Grades 7 through 12 must keep their cell phones secured within their lockers. This will necessitate the locking of every locker. The students will be permitted to use their phones on their free time. That is, between the bells and at lunch.

Mr. Spets has made one change regarding lunch and it is the closing of the open campus rule. Students, other than 12th grade students, will no longer be permitted to leave the campus during lunch period.

Twelfth graders who receive but one suspension will lose their open campus privilege.

The board approved all of Mr. Spets requests.

The board discussed the need for roof repairs. Five areas of the school have been identified as needing repair. The cost to repair all five areas is approximately $150,000. The school has a fund for the building repairs that has approximately $30,000 remaining from the past school year. The expected new revenues for the building for the 2009/2010 year is $110,000, which brings the fund close to the amount needed to deal with the roof.

the board approved prioritizing . the five sections and seek bids on the repairs. When the actual expense is known the board wil decide on how many and which roof areas will be repaired.

The Wakefield Board followed up on the Bessemer Boards decision to hire one additional coach for the Junior High Football Teams. Bessemer passed the motion at their Monday night Board Meeting contingent of W/M following suit.

There have 35 students signed up for the Jr. High Team, as many as 50 may ultimately join the program.

Bessemer -  Schools of Choice

Bessemer = August 26, 2009

The Bessemer School Board met Monday evening for its regularly scheduled monthly meeting.

The Board approved the continued employment of Jennifer Wroblewski as the ISS Supervisor at A.D. Johnson. The board also approved the continued employment of Tammy Kann as the School Success Coordinator at A.D. Johnson.

After the board approved changes to the NEOLA Policies manual, the board discussed the possibility of hiring two additional coaches for the Jr. High Footbal Team. The expected number of students entering the program is between 35 and 50.

After much discussion, the board approved the hiring of one additional coach, contingent on similar approval by the Wakefield-Marenisco School Board.

The board also discussed the continuation of busing eight students from Lake Gogebic area. It was decided that it would be too late to terminate the busing at this time. The board will re-visit the issue next May. If it is then felt that the busing should be terminated the district will be able to give parents adequate notice.

Mr. Goss descussed the change over of the district to a Title One School. The change required a new plan be submitted to Lansing. Gene along with two teachers went to Lansing to learn what was needed for the school district to receive the increased aid for the program. He and the teachers have been working on repairing a plan to be submitted for approval. The district will not know until October if the plan has been approved.

Mr Goss also commended the janitorial staff for their hard work this summer. There were eight changes in classroom assignments, necessitating moving everything from room to room.

Mark Johnson gave a report to the board which included information on the effects of the "School of Choice" program. Mark indicated that Bessemer has been very successful in attracting students from other school districts. In the past two years the district has attracted approximately 25 additional students from outside the district. The B.A.S.D. has lost only one student to another district under the plan.



August Regular Meeting of the
Gogebic Community College Board of Trustees

For Immediate Release
August 26, 2009

At last night’s meeting of the Gogebic Community College Board of Trustees, adjunct faculty for a number of on and off campus courses were approved for the upcoming academic year.

Also, bids for the foundation and masonry materials related to this year’s Building Trades/Construction Technology program were awarded. The college will construct a speculation home on college-owned property located south of Slade Road in Ironwood Township. The site is northeast of Mt. Zion and in close proximity to campus. The bid items approved by the Board for the foundation and slab work were from Ironwood Ready Mix, Forslund Building Supply, Inc, and Globe Concrete and Supply. Also, bids for heating and plumbing installation and materials from M & M Plumbing & Heating, electrical installation and materials from Lindquist Electric, and general building construction materials from Steiger’s Home Center were approved.

In other action, Allied Health Instructor Kit Malloy has given her notice of her intent to retire at the end of the 2009-10 academic year. She has been employed by the college for 30 years, beginning in the fall of 1979, and has consistently created an inspiring and effective learning environment. She has been involved in numerous college events and activities through the years and always volunteers her time for committee work. Her commitment to students is legendary. The Board approved her retirement with regret and expressed its appreciation for her 30 years of service.

Contact: Jeanne Graham Director of Admissions and Public Information
932-4231, Ext. 306

Steve Evicted from Memorial Building... Who's Next?

Ironwood - August 25, 2009

At last evenings meeting of the Ironwood City Council, citizen, Steve Frank was asked to leave the chamber. When he failed to do so, Ironwood Public Safety Officers were called to the scene. As you might imagine this was a bit of overkill. Also it is one of two recent incidents where this has happened. More on that subject to come.

Steve was attempting to read a statement to the city council. However, his epistle was well over the five minute limit set by council rules.


Toth  "Tells it as it is!"
Ironwood - August 25, 2009

Suzanne Toth issued a response to her critics on the "caves" issue. Her statement was published in the Saturday August 22, 2009 edition of the Daily Globe .

Suzanne has come under fire by the rogue elements of the hiker/biker group who want to evict motorized sports from the caves area. We at IronwoodInfo support the notion of sharing in the caves area. A view also shared by Rod Smith in his letter to the editor, Monday, August 24, 2009. It is the same view shared by most city taxpayers and voters.

Councilwomen Toth has sent us a copy of her statement, so that we too could publish it.

The statement is straight forward and not intended to deceive anyone. Her letter is a "Tell It As It Is" document.

Many of the things she states in  were verified by the City's Community Development Director at the last Planning and Zoning meeting.

Click to Read the Councilwomen's letter to the Editor.