2009 - Trout Creek Photo Exhibit

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The Photo Exhibit began early in the day with a talk by Hancock photographer JP Suchoski. Last year JP gave a talk titled "Taking Control of Your Camera" an excellent class for digital newbies.

This year JP discussed "Composition" a primer for film and digital photographers alike.

The slide show and talk begin with "3 Easy Steps to the Perfect Photo"
They are:

1.identify the subject
2. eliminate distractions
3. use elements to keep your eye on the subject


The photograph should direct the eye to the photo's subject and prevent it from wandering away. JP discussed Alfred Yarbus and his study of eye movement and showed slides on the study.
JP offered techniques and tools that would accomplish subject control within the photo:
  • Title (can help visually or emotionally)
  • Contrast
  • Texture
  • Patterns
  • Frames (bounding elements)
  • Symmetry
  • Leading lines  Implied shapes
  • Tool of thirds (sometimes referred to as “rule of thirds”)


JP prefers to call these composition theories "Tools" as opposed to "Rules"

"These are tools, not rules." He states that we should know what these tools do, and know why these tools do what they do. Then choose to use or not use them.

After discussing the above elements, JP went on to describe the principals of structure, including the golden spiral and Fibonocci Theorum or Fibonacci Sequence.

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