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Photographer - Geradine Nielson  
Geradine won the red ribbons at the Luce County Fair  
above Photographer - Gail Ollila  
Photographer - Amanda Ollila (Gail's daughter)
above - Trout Creek photographers Don Lenef, Joy Ibsen and Janet Delarria
Photographer - Joy Ibsen           above - Don Lenef discusses Joy's photographs
Photographer - Don Lenef (on left)
Photographer - Judy Bruno
above Photographer Judy Bruno
Photographer - Lou Who? News  photos from
Photographer - Janet M. Dellaria, Janet is the organizer and curator of the photo exhibit
Photographer - Tim Kamppinen (R)
Ironwood Photographer - Abby Weigel
Photographer - Jayden Mahon
above - Hancock Photographer - J.P. Suchoski. Photo on right has been selected for next year's Baraga phone directory.

Mass City Photographer - Ralph Mannning


Photographer - Joy Ibsen


Photographer - Don Lenef
above - Baraga photographer Judith Kreiger

Photographer - Lynn Owens
Photographer - Jeff Owens
Photographer - Don Lenef