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The Busking Barn
"The Sweetest Place on the Mountain"

Porcupine Mountain State Park - The ‘busking stage’ is an all acoustic stage and will offer amateurs and professionals the opportunity to play in an intimate setting for tips.  Busking Stage Coordinator for this year's event was Dale Venema

The busking stage has undergone yet another transformation for this year's event. This year's busking area will be held in a wooden structure on the festival grounds called the "Busking Barn." The Busking Barn will make the performances more of an event destination and is a far cry from the very first busking stage setup, which was nothing more than a chair in the parking lot.

In addition to the scheduled busking performances, there were open jam slots.

The Barn is a great place  to get up close with the performers. There no electric amps or speakers. It's a great place to hear the pure sound of music. There were a number of spectators that spent a great deal of their time at the Barn and that is an easy thing to do for those who enjoy acoustical music. Listening to the videos will demonstrate the special character of the Busking Barn, the place where performer Dave Boutette calls "the sweetest spot on the mountain".


Busking: "to entertain by dancing, singing, or reciting on the street or in a public place. "



above - Porkies Campfire Choir
above - Kevin Davidson - Ryan Peterson
above - The Copeman Band
above - Open Jam Session


above - Lisa Rigley
above -   Bath Tub Mothers
above - Dave Boutette and Dale Miller at the open jam session
above - Taproot
above - Erin Luoto
above - Kaleb Kotsko


above - Lost Creek


above - West of East
above - Carothers Family
above - African Drumming with Randall and the Ragbirds


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