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Ironwood Falls to Gwinn

March 20, 2009

The High School Bowl Season ended officially Saturday Evening when the Gwinn Modeltowners bested the Ironwood Red Devils in the final championship game. The Men in Black (Gwinn) jumped out to an early lead over Ironwood. Leading 160-0 at one point and 240-30 at the half. Ironwood scored 90 points in the second half but fell short when Gwinn scored another 110 points. The final score was 450-120 and the Modeltowners had won their second High School Bowl Championship having won their first one in 2002. The Red Devils will return next year for another try at winning their first HSB. Neither school will return next year with quite the same teams. Gwinn has two juniors that will be back, but The Red Devils are losing three seniors.Only junior Cole Aukee will be returning. Cole had to miss the semi-final and final matches and was replaced by Evan Wright an eighth grader who did a great job for the team. Unfortunately, next year, Evan will be playing for some other school in New Mexico.

This was the Championship match that we have been looking to all year. Without a doubt the two best teams met in the Championship Game. Ironwood has played extremely well all year, however it was evident the entire season that Gwinn was the team to beat.

Steve Boyd the Red Devil Coach and all the students who participated on this year's team have a great deal to be proud of. While they may have met a mighty opponent in the last game their overall performance this year was absolutely great. Not only did the Ironwood reach the Championship Match, the Red Devils also won two Regional Championship Competitions. The first was on October 30th and the last Regional Championship was on March 19, 2009, the day before playing their semi and final and championship HSB Matches in Marquette. That was the equivalent of taking "seven" final exams within 24 hours.

"Coach Boyd said he was very proud of all his team members, who worked hard all year long and always gave their best.  Liz Perkis was an outstanding captain, and this team made it further than any other team in Ironwood's history.  Next year, he just wants to win one more match......"

Ironwood, drew a bye in the first round then went on to best North Central 340-90 in the second round. The Red Devils defeated Superior Central 230-210 in the third round. Ironwood faced off against Ishpeming in the quarter-finals and prevailed 260-240. In the semi-final game Ironwood upended Iron Mountain Mountaineers 310-240.

Gwinn did not have a bye in the first round so it took the Modeltowners one more victory to get to the Championship. Gwinn had their way with most if not all their opponents this year, all of whom were real contenders for the Championship.

In round one Gwinn defeated Rapid River 300-130. After that there was no looking back for Gwinn. In round two Gwinn defeated Kingsford 340-160. In Round three The Modeltowners put it to Hancock 420-90. Hancock has been the HSB Champs four times. Then in the quarter-finals Gwinn defeated Marquette 320-250. Marquette has reigned as U.P. Champions eight times.

Then in their semi-final match the Mighty Men in Black Gwinn took on the Mighty Gremlins from Houghton. The Houghton wiz kids were the reigning High School Bowl Champions.

Just moments after defeating the seven time Champion Gremlins, Gwinn took on the Red Devils and won their 5th HSB match of the season.

As a result of the Championship Game each team was awarded scholarships to Northern Michigan University. Gwinn received $2500 and Ironwood received $1500. This years winner of the Dave Goldsmith Award was Gwinn Team Captain, Alex Willig. Alex receives a thousand dollar scholarship to use at the college of his choice.

We at IronwoodInfo wish to congratulate Alex and his teamates and their terrific coach, Tom Ross on their great victory.

We would like to thank the Red Devils from Ironwood for their great run this year. Thanks too to their Coach Steve Boyd who brought his team so far. Not even a football championship would make us more proud !


Ironwood Upsets Houghton 325-235

Ironwood Township - March 19, 2009

Wiz kids representing sixteen schools showed up at GCC today to compete in a regional Cerebral Shootout.

The Red Devils of Ironwood won four matches today before playing the Houghton Gremlins in the finale. Houghton the reigning world champions of the Wiz Kid Universe also won four matches before taking on the Ironwood.

In the end it was the Wiz Kids from Ironwood that would come away with gold on this day.



Ironwood 310 - Iron Mountain 240

Marquette - April 7, 2009

Saturday evening on WMNUTV the Red Devils of ironwood competed against the Mountaineers of Iron Mountain in the semi-final match of the U.P.'s Cerebral Super Bowl. Although the game aired Saturday Evening it actually took place March 20th., just hours after the Red Devils defeated the the Houghton Gremlins in the Regional Quiz Bowl championship in Ironwood.

In the semi-final against the Mountaineers Ironwood would be making a go of it without their standout player Cole Aukee, who would miss both this match and the final Super Bowl Game yet to come. However, Cole was replaced by Evan Wright, who stayed on at Ironwood until these final matches would be played. Just one week later Evan would be moving to New Mexico. On behalf of IronwoodInfo.com and its more than 8000 readers, we would like to thank this eighth grader for his consideration and great effort.

In this match Iron Mountain would jump out front to a 30-0 lead over Ironwood's Wiz Kids. But, at the quarter the Red Devils would be just 10 points behind 90-80. At half-time it was all headed in the right direction for the Red Devils which now lead 180-140. At the final buzzer it would be Ironwood victorious 310 to 240. Once again, congratulations Red Devils and their coach Steve Boyd.

Next week as previously predicted by IronwoodInfo.com, Ironwood will face off against Gwinn in the High School Bowl Championship. That game will be aired Saturday the 11th, at 8:00pm EDT (7:00 CST.) It will be aired again Monday the 13th, at 12:30pm (11:30am CDT)


Ironwood To Return To Marquette
After Third H.S. Bowl Victory!

Ironwood - March 17, 2009

The Ironwood Red Devils pulled off its third victory in this year's High School Bowl. Last Friday the Ironwood team defeated the Ishpeming Wiz Kids

We won Friday 260-240. The Game was really close.....with a controversial finish.  Ironwood was down 240-230. The Red Devils then answered the next toss-up question. That tied the score 240-240 Ironwood then got to answer the next bonus questions

 G. G. Gordon, the shows host looks at the Ironwood Team and says "the next question goes to France" Inadvertently Giving Ironwood the answer to the question.  She went ahead, and the Red Devils answered France (it was an easy one, they would have gotten it anyway), and the score is 250-240.  Ironwood then answered the next question correctly and the score was 260-240, and the final buzzer went off. 

Next Fiday the Ironwood Red Devils go back to Marquette where they will face off against Iron Mountain. The Red Devils will be without team standout Cole Aukee.

Should Ironwood prevail in that match they will go up against either powerhouse Gwinn or the reigning HSB champions the Houghton Gremlins.

Good Luck Red Devils!

Pictured above the Ironwood - Superior Central match played earlier this year.


Red Devils Defeat Cougars 230-210
Is Gwinn in Their Future?

The Ironwood Red Devils took on the North Central Cougars in a High School Bowl game televised this past Saturday night.  This show was a tape delayed match as are all H.S. Bowl Games

The Red Devils once again came dressed in costumes. They came dressed as the cast of Gilligan's Island, but this week it would be the Cougars who would wind up ship wrecked.


Nimrods Down Knights 160-120

February 1, 2009

Saturday evening the Watersmeet Nimrods defeated the Norway Knights in round two contest of High School Bowl. The Saturday airing of the game was a tape delayed presentation of a match that actually took place a month ago.

The Nimrods out scored the Knights 160-120.

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Red Devils Down North Central 340-90

Marquette - January 18, 2009

Last night local viewers got watch Ironwood the Red Devils initial 2009 entry to the High School Bowl. The Red Devils drew a bye in the first round as did the Gladiators of Ontonagon. Last nights game actually took place a month ago. All the WMNUTV 13 games are taped approximately one month prior to airing.

The competition for Ironwood was the Jets from North Central. The Jets won their round one game against Mid-Peninsula 120-80. That would be the Jets last victory for the tournament as the Red Devils beat the Jets 340-90.  Champions.
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