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Porcupine Mountain Music Festival



Music In the Porkies

The 2009 Porcupine Mountain Music Festival

The Porcupine Musical Festival entered its fifth year in 2009. The festival has gained recognition as one of the country's major musical events. While at the festival we met people who came as far away as Florida, Arizona and California. They were joined by the many visitors from surrounding states including Ohio, Minnesota and the Dakotas.

The festival has come along way from where it began. The groups, singers and song writers are tops. It would be hard to imagine that anyone could not go away from this musical event extremely satisfied. The growth and great success of this festival doesn't come easy. It's a year long endeavor of many people. This years event was the collaborative effort of 119 volunteer workers.

Pictured above are Linda Kermeen organizer co-founder of the festival and Cheryl Olsen, booking assistant and marketing coordinator. This week these ladies can begin planning for next year, if they haven't already begun to do so.  Congratulations on the great job with the festival and bring such national prominence to "God's Country"

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Slideshow - 2009 Porcupine Mountain Music Fest
Porcupine Mountain State Park - August 31, 2009

The 2009 Porcupine Mountain Musical Festival concluded Sunday. The event which continues to grow each year began on a "soggy note" Friday when the musical performances had to be moved indoors as the weather worsened. The cold and wet weather continued throughout Saturday and again the performances were contained within the Chalet.

The number of spectators continues to grow each year and today the Porkies is the home of one of our nation's premier musical events. The PMMF is the only music festival permitted in a Michigan State Park, which is very fortunate indeed. The Porcupine Mountain State Park is considered to be the "Crown Jewel of the Michigan State Park System. The park makes a spectacular venue for the Music Festival. The finally sun came out Sunday morning, and we we were once again reminded why we live here. The scenery and our cool summer days provide the  perfect environment  for events such as the Porcupine Mountain Music Festival.

Each year the festival gets better and better. This year the performances continue to please the large audiences that were on hand, even in the face of rainy weather. The singers and musicians performed in three areas, the Peace Hill Stage, the Singing Hills Stage and the Busking Barn. The three locations are far enough apart to isolate the  music from each other and yet close enough for most people to walk to and fro. For anyone needing assistance getting around there were golf cart shuttles, manned by Friends of the Porkies.

In addition to the three stages, there were also workshops held inside the Chalet. There was a kids tent again where kids gathered to make crafts and play games. Children were required to be with a parent as this was not a daycare facility. A sign at the tent read: "All unattended children will be given an espresso and a free puppy."