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Porcupine Mountain Music Festival



Doris and the Daydreamms

Doris & the Day Dreams is a musical trio from the Chicago area that was originally formed in 2008. The group is comprised of former members of Buster's Dream, a quartet that began playing together in the late 90s and released an independent album in 2005.The band members include

Kathleen Ehrlich, who provides the vocal talent, as well as playing the concertina and various rhythm instruments.

Linda Garrett plays acoustic guitar, banjo and sings backup vocals. Brad Fagala plays electric bass and acoustic guitar.

Reverend Eddie Danger - Dangergrass - Described as “Cosmic Folk with a Tribal Twist of Jazz” or simply “Feel Good Music”. A One-Man Band playing over 25 instruments. The lyrics are word-heavy stories with an underlying message usually about political or environmental justice, Metaphysical epiphanies or frustrations and blowing off the suburban teen angst, bad love, & trashy rap star negative vibe mentality saturating today’s music. “I have bad days like anyone else. I just make a conscious effort in my songwriting to focus on the positive. Even my sad songs tend to see the light through the clouds.” says Danger
above - playing guitar, Rev. Eddie Danger, on bass Pat Gonzagowski, banjo Ryan Haney, playing guitar Mike White, rev. Jme Wershboardscalewag, The group is from Stevens Point and consists of 7 members.. two of the members were not at the Musicfest.

Drew Nelson

 Drew Nelson -  Drew grew up in Michigan, but escaped the narrow confines of his small-town, Midwestern upbringing by joining the Navy and traveling the world. He was able to see first-hand what was really happening in the world, and come home with fresh eyes to appreciate the realities of life in America. These experiences provided insight and understanding that have found an outlet in songs filled with discovery, revelation, and hope. Legendary songwriter John Gorka said "Drew's songs sound like the rest of us feel.