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Porcupine Mountain Music Festival

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Squeeky Clean

Squeaky Clean Cretins - The Squeaky Clean Cretins call the Lake Superior country of Michiganís Upper Peninsula home.  The Cretins adhere to the deep roots of folk tradition while adding a contemporary spin to their songwriting. Although itís hard to stamp a label on this band due to their ability to take the music in many directions, the  band can be described as folk-rock.



Mike Labeau in cap,  Gregg Wright on keys, Graham Parsons, Mark Mc Gevers, bass player Keith Kinnear, Derrek Toivineimi.  The group about the rainy weather "acknowledge the mood and crush the weather...

Their performance started slow and mellow...and became more jazzy..

This was the group's last show for a while Mike is going to  school and the rest of the group are going their separate ways..


West of East

West of East - West of East is a mostly acoustic duo comprised of Sara Moilanen and Tim Suchocki, who's music borrows elements from Folk, Country, Rhythm & Blues, and Rock & Roll. They have had a successful early career playing and creating lasting impressions in the Milwaukee and greater Wisconsin area. For nearly ten years Sara wrote and performed with the Peace Hill Musicians in Michiganís Upper Peninsula
Sara's performance included "Part Time Lover"  and  "Brand New Pair of Roller Skates"

On Sunday West of East, Sara Moilanen and Tim Suchocki,moved indoors. They performed in the Barn with 
Mike Mc Donald,  Tom Chapman(Big Boy), Jeremy Dishard..