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2009 Houghton County Fair
The Youth Exhibits
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The members of the Houghton County 4-H clubs continue as did their predecessors for generations before. Luckily, it seems that at this fair as with all the fairs we visit, some things never change.  In a high tech world, which is great, it is nice to see that the youth of rural America, still connect with home and the world in which we live. It's great to know that farming, gardening, horticulture, art and crafts are being nourished so that these things can be passed on to the generations of 4-H-ers  that follow.

I know you grow more nostalgic as you grow older, but we hope that we also grow wiser. When I see things that the kids make and do with their family, I think back to when my friends and I also shared close family lives. Sitting around with mom and dad making something by hand and not being intruded upon by TV's, Gameboys and Cell Phones may not have advanced science or technology, but it sure did advance a sense of home and family. Fortunately, the kids of 4H will have the same great memories someday, as many of us do today.

Slideshow - 2009 Houghton County Fair