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2009 Houghton County Fair
People of the Fair



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above -  Hannah Toumi  with her lamb "Wondrous", just out for a walk
above - Alexus Rule owner of "Honey"
Alexis Rule Donkey "Honey" an eleven year old Donkey, standing 11.2 hands. Alexus said that Donkeys can live to be 60 years old. They could be spending most of their lives together. What a great team!
The concession stand at the rear of the fair. Operated by the owners of the "Book Worm" in Houghton.
above - Daniel, . A Junior at Houghton, spends his summers working on a farm. He is also a Fair worker at the Houghton County Fair. Daniel is a future farmer of America.!
above Valerie - 2009 Fair Queen
above - Mia Lubinski (Hancock Business & Proffesional Queen), Jannelle Klemett (Houghton County Fair 1st Runner Up), and Stephanie LeClaire (Miss Congeniality). 
Devin and Cory check out the Fair Queens and Princesses.
Three very pretty, but more importantly three very nice young ladies.
RN, Margaret Axfore, from Aspirus providing complimentary blood pressure tests. 
The Fair Goers who make it all happen.