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2009 Houghton County Fair
The Midway
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It was raining the day we visited the Houghton County Fair. For a while it was touch and go as to whether or not the amusement rides along the Midway would be opened. Around 1:00pm it was determined to that the rides would go on.

From time to time there were brief periods when going on a ride was for the hardiest of fair goers only.

That of course were the kids. While adults huddled under tents and went indoors to view the exhibits, the kids took to the midway.  Clad in their hoodies, they were not to be denied.

The midway is madeup of amusements and gaming produced by Schmidt Amusements. They put on a great show. In Houghton the fairgrounds are large, very large. Rides for the little kids are segregated from those for teens and adults. Quite a nice feature. It works great for all but reporters and photographers with an aversion to a lot of walking.

That being said, the midway was as usual a great deal of fun and excitement.
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