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‘Caylee’s Law’ approved by MI Senate panel


LANSING, Mich.—A person failing to report to law enforcement that a child in their care has gone missing would face a felony of up to two years imprisonment under legislation approved by the Senate Judiciary Committee today.
Senate Bill 580, sponsored by Sen. Tom Casperson, was introduced because of the recent Caylee Anthony case in Florida, which brought to light a shortcoming in Michigan law.
“When a child goes missing it is often a matter of life and death, so making sure a disappearance is reported immediately is important and potentially life-saving,” said Casperson, R-Escanaba. “This is not an overreaction to a national story. It’s an important bill borne out of tremendous constituent outpouring to fix Michigan law and better protect our children.”
Casperson said that, while the Legislature has tackled many difficult issues this year, none has produced as much attention as ‘Caylee’s Law’. His office received three times as many constituent phone calls and emails on the matter than any other issue.
Senate Bill 626, a companion measure also approved, establishes sentencing guidelines for the felony crime of failure to report a missing child under SB 580.
Both bills return to the full Senate for passage.

photo - Sen. Tom Casperson testifies in support of Senate Bill 580Tuesday

Huuki sets sights on U.P. job creation

Lawmaker’s fall agenda focuses on generating more local work
If state Rep. Matt Huuki’s fall legislative efforts are anywhere near as successful as the freshman lawmaker’s first sixth months in Lansing he’s hopeful some ‘help wanted’ signs could begin sprouting up across the Upper Peninsula.
Huuki had seven of his bills signed into law as of this month - three that addressed administration efficiency between intermediate and local school districts; a bill to restructure Houghton’s Downtown Development Authority bond payments so the city could afford repayment; the creation of a state motorcycle license plate that honors military service men and women; a land use law that strengthens the stability and future of mining operations in Michigan; and a measure exempting timber log slasher rigs from brake requirements. He is now readying three important initiatives for the fall legislative session.
“My goal as a state representative is to make a difference for the people I am representing by offering common-sense solutions to problems,” said Huuki, R-Atlantic Mine. “So far, I’ve been able to work with other state lawmakers and make progress on some important local issues that also can help other areas of the state.
“The past few months I’ve focused on meeting with residents, business owners and local officials to collect more ideas to help strengthen our communities. Jobs continue to be the number one priority for people, so I’m looking at the best ways we can use our available resources to get people good paying employment.”
Two of the first efforts Huuki will undertake as chair of a House Forestry and Mining Subcommittee are aimed at encouraging more start-up mining operations in the state, and increased timber harvesting through private participation in Michigan’s Qualified Forest Sustainability Program.
The state’s existing Qualified Forest program has not resulted in the increased timber production expected due to some of the eligibility qualifications. Huuki’s legislation is helping to  revise the program so more private landowners will subscribe to the program, providing more local timber to the industry.
Another initiative Huuki is working on is aimed at alleviating roadblocks to establishing new mines in Michigan that can add more jobs to communities.
“We need to spur interest in exploring the commodities of the Upper Peninsula because in both the timber and mining industries the current regulations make it difficult and expensive to get the raw materials they need to be successful,” Huuki said. “The mining bills will help companies become established, provide jobs in our communities that will provide the tax base that is so desperately needed to fund our school and local services. The idea is to make Michigan more attractive, affordable and friendly for potential business ventures that can bring jobs.”
  Huuki also has a legislative package in the planning stages that will help expand and connect ATV trails to strengthen the local tourism industry.  Throughout the state, but especially in the Upper Peninsula, some state public trails are segmented by private property and legal issues despite the owners’ willingness to allow public use.
“The main issue seems to be liability, so we can address that problem with a new law that limits the risk for any land owner who decides to let their property be part of the official trail,” Huuki said. “Other parts of the package increase trail access in Michigan by allowing ATVs on all county road shoulders. Right now, that is being done on a county-by-county basis so there’s a patchwork of do’s and don’ts across the state that makes it confusing for people.”
Huuki’s legislation to revise the Qualified Forest program is already introduced in House Bill 4970, a companion piece to HB 4969. Measures for the other two issues are expected to be introduced in the next month.
Bills that Huuki sponsored that became law earlier this year include:
·         Public Acts 104-106 of 2011 (HBs 4232-34) allow intermediate school district superintendents to serving simultaneously as superintendent of constituent district;
·         PA 24 of 2011 (HB 4248) authorized the refinancing of Houghton’s DDA bond obligations to lower repayment amounts over an extended time period so the city budget could afford the payments;
·         PA 74 of 2011 (HB 4359) created a specialty armed forces license plate for motorcycles; and
·         PA 113 of 2011 (HB 4746) revised standards for the land management and zoning for gravel mining.
·         PA 151 of 2011 (HB 4316) exempts logging slasher trailer rig units from the state highway brake requirement law.
Thanks to everyone who supported the Ironwood City and Township volunteer fire departments at the final car wash fundraiser of the year.

Please watch for further fund raisers as we raise money to host the annual.118th U.P. Vol. Firefighters' Assoc. Tournament in 2012.

Ken Jacobson, Chief Ironwood Volunteer Fire Dept.

Boots 'n' Spurs Annual Fun Horse Show

SAXON - September 26, 2011

The Boots-n-Spurs 4-H Club held its Annual Fall Boots-n-Spurs 4-H Club Horse Show Saturday at the Iron County Fair Grounds.

There were a total of sixty competitive events on the program that included up to four age groups, plus novice.


First Annual Battle of the Bands

IRONWOOD – September 26, 2011

Saturday evening Heartland Communications Group from Ashland Wisconsin presented the First Annual Battle of the Bands Competition at the Pat O’Donnell Civic Center. The event was titled “King of the Hill”. And after five hours of Rock B-Side Glitch, an alternative rock group from Bruce Crossing, Michigan was declared King of the Hill.

The Flexible Linear Element
Opens at Finlandia Gallery

HANCOCK - September 26, 2011

An reception was held Thursday at the Finlandia University Gallery. The reception was held for the opening of the new Exhibit "Explorations: The Flexible Linear Element," an exhibit of work by artists Tracy Krumm and Carol Lambert.

Tracy Krumm, assistant professor in the fiber department at the Kansas City Art Institute, where she also teaches classes for the community arts and service-learning program and continues her studio practice.

Finlandia Welcomes Finnish Fulbright Scholar-in-Residence

HANCOCK, MI – The Finlandia University Suomi College of Arts & Sciences is pleased to welcome Päivi Hakkarainen as a Fulbright Scholar-in-Residence for the 2011-12 academic year.
At Finlandia, Hakkarainen will teach a Special Topics in Finnish Studies course, co-teach Digital Technologies and Applications for Teachers (EDU 203), pursue her research interests, and work to establish in the Copper Country a Suomi Koulu, a Finnish School which offers young people an opportunity to become acquainted with Finnish culture and learn the Finnish language.

Vandelism Continues In Wake of Police Budget Cuts

IRONWOOD – September 23, 2011

At Monday evening’s Ironwood School Board meeting it was pointed out that Obscene Graffiti had been painted on one of the school’s garbage dumpsters.

Other graffiti continues to be painted around the downtown area as well as vandalism at Longyear Park.

The Ironwood Public Safety Department has been reduced officially by two police officers. Actually it is down three officers and a will soon be down four officers.

Although there are 25% less police officers to patrol the high risk neighborhoods described above, our Mayor and his confederates on the City Commission, Gemma Lamb, and Rick Semo, continue to misuse the remaining police force to chase ATV riders for petty offenses. Semo, Lamb and Burchall ccut a quarter of a million dollars from the Ironwood Safety Budget.

Interestingly enough both Lamb and Burchell are being investigated by State Police for their violations of Michigan Ethics Laws that came about through the alleged misuse of city money and city resources in connection with the SISU ski race.
Pictured above are the newly coated Patterson Tennis Courts. The city’s share of the cost of the projects came from  Public Safety Department funds.

Candidates Crass Remarks Stun Master Gardeners

IRONWOOD – September 21, 2011

The Chairman of the Downtown Ironwood Development Authority, Eva Smith-Furgason is a candidate for the Ironwood City Commission. Last week Smith-Furgason met with two Master Gardeners, Lynn Adams and Kaye Johnson regarding improvements being made to the Downtown Pocket Park.
Disagreeing with the Master Gardeners opinions, Furgason told Adams and Johnson “Opinions are like assholes, some of them stink, and some don’t”.

Needless to say the Master Gardeners were taken aback by Smith-Furgason’s crass remarks. Smith-Furgason repeated the remark at least 10 times and was asked by Adams to stop using that saying. She told Adams that her friends Steve Frank and Jim Albert don’t care for that analogy either.
One Master Gardener stated that she would have to consider whether or not she will continue caring for the Pocket Park.

Both Adams and Johnson are the wives of former City Commissioners.

Then last Thursday,  City Developer Merritt Bussiere called Johnson and said everyone was meeting at the Pocket Park at 7 p.m.....Only Johnson, Adams and and Gayle Johnston from DIDA came there. Bussiere failed to show up.

Gayle told Kaye that her and Eva already made the color choice . 


Tech Reseachers Honored for Great Lakes Research The International Association for Great Lakes Research has honored five Michigan Tech faculty members and students.

The Chandler-Misener Award for the outstanding article published in the Journal of Great Lakes Research (JGLR) in 2010 was given to coauthors Professor W. Charles Kerfoot, PhD student Foad Yousef (Biological Sciences), Professor and Chair Sarah A. Green (Chemistry), former faculty member Judith W. Budd (GMES), and David J. Schwab and Henry A. Vanderploeg of NOAA.

Their paper, "Approaching Storm: Disappearing Winter Bloom in Lake Michigan," documented the disappearance of a "doughnut" of phytoplankton in southern Lake Michigan associated with the proliferation of quagga mussels.

The award was presented to Kerfoot at the 54th International Conference on Great Lakes Research in Duluth, Minn. The Chandler-Misener Award acknowledges the most notable paper based on originality, contribution and presentation.

Cory McDonald, a PhD candidate in environmental engineering, received the JGLR/Elsevier Young Student Award. This award is given to "emerging young scientists with a JGLR article ranked in the top 10, as determined by the IAGLR Chandler-Misener Review Committee." Recipients receive a complimentary one-year IAGLR membership and a $750 cash prize.

In Da Woods

by Melanie B. Fullman, US Forest Service
Here’s Looking at Yew

A gentleman from Bessemer recently called to ask what I knew about the increasing scarcity of “ground hemlock”? He said he frequently walks along the Black River near Bessemer and used to see lots of ground hemlock, even avoiding it wherever possible because “the 6-8’ ground branches impeded walking”. He stated it is definitely NOT a tree, more shrub-like.
I was confused. Ground hemlock??? So I consulted the Oracle - Forest Botanist Sue Trull, who quickly surmised he was referring to Canada yew (Taxus Canadensis).


MSU Extension food preservation videos are now available online

ONTONAGON - September 21, 2011

Fall is harvest time and that means that it’s also canning time. Michigan State University Extension Food Safety Team, part of the Health and Nutrition Institute, is here to help our clientele learn how to safely preserve homegrown fruits and vegetables through a series of online educational videos that are available free.
In the videos, MSU Extension educators Eileen Haraminac, Joyce McGarry, Jeannie Nichols, Lisa Treiber and Christine Venema demonstrate the steps to safely can and preserve food. The goal of food preservation is to increase the shelf life of food while keeping it safe. Gardens and farm markets are overflowing with beautiful and nutritious produce. The MSU Extension Food Safety Team wants to help Michigan residents preserve food safely to enjoy its bounty throughout the year. And their adoption of video technology is a great illustration of what we mean when we say we need to embrace technology in order to reach broader audiences.
Topics covered include: 
·         Intro to Food Preservation
·         Water Bath Canning Basics
·         Pressure Canning Basics
·         Freezing Vegetables
·         Freezing Fruit
·         Making Jams and Jellies
View the videos at http://vimeo.com/album/1697876.


Ontonagon County Commissioners
Pass 2011-2012 Budget

ONTONAGON - September 21, 2011

The Ontonagon County Commission held a Public Hearing yesterday for the proposed county budget. No one appeared to oppose nor to support the annual budget. The budget was approved unanimously by the county commissioners during the regular commission meeting that followed the public Hearing.
More than $340,000 was pared from the budget when it was originally prepared stated Eugene Fiszer, Ontonagon County Clerk.
The $3,244,412 annual budget goes in effect September 30, 2011.

view budget

Finlandia’s Mallory Torola selected to volleyball All-Tournament Team

Hancock, MI. – September 19, 2011:  Six players were named to the 2011 Finlandia Lions Volleyball Invitational All-Tournament Team at the conclusion of the two day event. Players were selected by the participating coaches based on their overall play at the Paavo Nurmi Center over the weekend.

Tournament champion St. Norbert College and the Milwaukee School of Engineering each landed 2 players on the all-tournament team. St. Norbert libero Catherine Guido and outside hitter Breanne Brocker led the Green Knights to an undefeated 4-0 overall record. The Engineers (2-2) were represented by outside hitters Julie Windish and Ali LoBue.

Mount Mary College (1-1) and Finlandia each had one player selected to the squad. Mount Mary outside hitter Stephanie Hardwick joined Lions right side hitter Mallory Torola as the final two members of the team. Northland College (0-2) was the only team without a selection.

Torola had a strong all-around showing for Finlandia. She finished the weekend with 18 kills, 17 assists, 20 digs, 3 serving aces, and a block assist. The Lions finished the tournament with a 1-3 record.

Finlandia Falls to UW-Superior in Women's Soccer


UW-Superior defeated Finlandia 2-0 in a socccer game played in Hancock

Read Game Box Scores

The Ironwood Area Schools Scholarship Fund Tops $ 1 Million

IRONWOOD - September 20, 2011

Last evening the Ironwood Area Scholarship Foundation received two checks totaling 241,372.46. The checks were a donation to the district’s scholarship fund through the bequest of the Late JoAnn Walton Flock, a member of the 1947 Luther L Wright graduating class.

In  May IronwoodInfo reported that the scholarship fund was the recipient of an annuity and an IRA created by Flock. At that time the exact amount of the First National Bank IRA account was not known. The IRA ultimately contributed $145,248.79 to the scholarship fund. In addition to IRA the 81 year old Flock created an Insurance Annuity. The amount of the annuity was not previously known. After much effort to clear up red tape with the Hartford Insurance Company, the annuity was paid to the scholarship fund in the amount of $96,123.67.
The bequest stipulates that the funds will be used exclusively for the benefit of Luther L Wright High School students.

Flock returned to Ironwood for her 50th high school reunion. She arranged for the gift after seeing how well Luther L Wright High School has been care for.

Her gift will bring the value of the LLW Scholarship Fund at or above One Million Dollars.
The gift was very generous to future Luther L. Wright graduates stated Tim Kolesar, District Superintendent.

Flock was born in Milwaukee to William H. Walton and Mabel F. Walton. She was married to Warren L. Flock in California on July 20, 1957.

Flock received her Bachelor of Science degree from the University of Alaska in 1963. In 1968 she received her master’s in Biology from the University of Colorado. In 1976 Flock received a PhD in Biology from the University of Colorado.In a letter to IASD Superintendent Tim Kolesar, First National Bank Trust Officer Karla Hanson described the late JoAnn Walton Flock as a kind and generous person. JoAnn Walton Flock, a Luther L. Wright graduate passed away March 14, 2011 at the age of 81.
Indeed, Flock was very generous to future Luther L. Wright graduates.

pictured above L-R Superintendent Tim Kolesar; Bruce Kerkove, incoming  Fund Treasurer; Sue Murphy, out going Fund Treasurer; and Steve Thomas, IASD Board President

Bessemer Council Discusses GRWA Impasse

BESSEMER – September 20, 2011

Bessemer City Councilwoman Linda Nelson told the city council that she should be added to the committee that is negotiating the water war with the GRWA.

Nelson stated that the Mayor John Frello is a member of the GRWA Board and that they, the GRWA needed to know more than Frello’s point of view. Nelson said that they need to know our point of view not clarifying who she meant by “our”.

The existing committee includes Frello, Councilman Olson and Nelson’s husband, Neil Nelson and City Manager Tom Chatel.

The mayor responded by saying that it would not be a good idea to change committee membership midstream. That it require starting all over from step one.

Councilman Doug Olson agreed with Frello restating the reasons he believed the committee should remain unchanged.
The Council supporting the mayor’s position then voted to keep the current committee membership. Nelson was the only council member voting no.

At the September 8 2011 GRWA board meeting the board approved reopening discussions with the City of Bessemer relating to the water transmission line that would provide Wakefield water to Ironwood Township.

Politicians have less influence through news media
EAST LANSING, Mich. — News coverage of Washington politicians and their rhetoric appears to have less influence on the American public compared to other news coverage, according to a study by a Michigan State University political scientist.
Instead, citizens are more apt to be swayed by news stories about grassroots protests and local events, said Corwin Smidt, assistant professor of political science. His study appears in the research journal Public Opinion Quarterly.

“What this says is that maybe politicians can’t use the bully pulpit to influence public opinion through the news media as much as many people thought they could,” Smidt said.

Smidt studied media coverage of two national issues – gun control in 2000 and health care reform and 2009 – and in both cases found that stories focusing on Washington debate had little to no effect on public opinion polls. There could be myriad reasons for this, he said, including oversaturation of Washington news via 24-hour news channels and the Internet.

But news coverage of protests seemed to strike a chord. For example, coverage of the Million Mom March in 2000, designed to rally support for stricter gun-ownership laws, was highly influential in shaping the public agenda, according to the study.

News stories chronicling high-profile gun crimes also were influential in opinion polls, although less so than protests, the study found.
As a political scientist, Smidt said he didn’t look at why the news media covered certain stories, but rather how the public reacted. While some believe the news media sets the public agenda, he said that may not necessarily be the case.

“The news media are still the gatekeepers – in that if they don’t cover something we probably won’t hear about it – but everything they cover does not have the same effect,” Smidt said. “It actually may be the storyline within the news that provokes opinion.”
Amber Letourneau Weber Joins
Finlandia Nursing Faculty

HANCOCK, MI – Amber Letourneau Weber, B.S.N., R.N., has begun her second academic year at Finlandia University as an assistant professor of nursing. Weber taught nursing courses as a visiting faculty member last year.

This December, Weber will complete a master’s of science in nursing education through Walden University. She has a bachelor of science in nursing from Northern Michigan University, Marquette.


UPDATE: Where there's smoke, there's
fire -- 300 miles away

The smell of smoke we are all experiencing as call centers are being flooded with calls from citizens that are unaware of the 16,000 acre fire in Northern Minnesota.

Submitted by:

Scott Voit , Deputy Sheriff – Evidence Technician, Gogebic County Sheriff’s Office

Posted: Sep 13, 2011 9:39 AM EDT

National Weather Service

WAUSAU (WAOW)--If you stepped outside Tuesday morning you probably noticed the scent of smoke wafting through the air. However if you're like us, you probably didn't realize the smoke was from a fire burning around 300 miles away in northern Minnesota.

According to the Associated Press, the Pagami Creek forest fire is burning across more than 16,000 acres outside the Boundary Waters Canoe Area near Ely, MN. Lightning ignited the fire on August 18. According to the AP, the wildfire tripled in size over the weekend prompting evacuations in the area.

The National Weather Service reports that strong winds have blown the smoke over parts of Wisconsin, even reaching Green Bay. NWS also reports some parts of Wisconsin's Northwoods could experience ash falling from the sky. 


From Ken Jacobson, Chief Ironwood Volunteer Fire Department

3:14pm Sep 11

Thank you to everyone who participated in, or simply attended our ceremony to honor the victims of the 9/11/01 attack upon our country. Agencies represented were the Ironwood Township Volunteer Fire Department, Montreal Volunteer Fire Department, Hurley Volunteer Fire Department, Gogebic County Sheriff Department, American Red Cross, Beacon Ambulance, Ironwood Public Safety Department and Ironwood Volunteer Fire Department. Thanks again to all, and please stay safe.


In Da Woods

by Melanie B. Fullman, US Forest Service

Making a Difference

I’ve mentioned their names and activities in the past, but in the last several weeks, I’ve seen so many of them in the act of volunteering that I wanted to make sure they get the recognition they deserve. The following is just a small sample of various volunteers on the Bessemer District, and the difference they make:


Iron County ATV Map Deadline


Don't miss your opportunity for Advertising on the ATV Map.  Deadline for the Iron County ATV Map is Wednesday, September 14, 2011.  Please contact the chamber office to save your space today!  Limited space is available and closing up fast. 

We do have the New Snowmobile maps at the chamber office for pick-up for all those who advertised.  If you have any questions please let me know!

Jessica Bolich
Hurley Area Chamber of Commerce

Finnish-American/Ojibwa Medical Doctor to Present His Emmy-nominated Film September 19 and 20

HANCOCK, MI – Finnish-American/Ojibwe medical doctor Arne Vainio will present and discuss his Emmy-nominated documentary film, “Walking into the Unknown,” Monday, September 19, at 7:00 p.m., and Tuesday, September 20, at 1:00 p.m. at the Finlandia University Finnish American Heritage Center, Hancock. 

The event is free and open to the public. It is sponsored by Finlandia University's Finnish American Heritage Center and Portage Health. 

Dr. Vainio is a member of the Mille Lacs Band of Ojibwe and a physician at the Min-No-Aya-Win Human Services Clinic on the Fond du Lac Ojibwe Reservation, near Cloquet, Minn. 

The film depicts Dr. Vainio’s exploration of health and heritage as he undergoes the very health screenings that he had long been recommending for his middle-age male patients, but neglected to undergo himself. 

Co-produced by Ivy Vainio, Visumm Media, and presented by Native American Public Telecommunications, Inc. (NAPT), “Walking into the Unknown” will have viewers “building a personal connection with Dr. Arne Vainio—feeling the health risk burdens and analyzing thought-provoking questions that are faced in the most critical turning point of one’s life,” according to a press release prepared by NAPT. 

For more information, contact Hilary Virtanen at 906-487-7514.

News Item

 The deadline is approaching to register for the series Dining with Diabetes, which will begin September 19 at the Iron County Courthouse in Hurley.  Residents of Iron, Gogebic, and adjoining counties are welcome to attend this free 4-class series.  Space is limited.  Please call the Iron County Health Department at 715-561-2191 or Gogebic County MSU Extension at 906-663-4045 by this Thursday, September 15, to register.



Hodek Named to State Fire Safety Board

by Marcia Goodrich, senior writer

Associate Professor Ralph Hodek (CEE) is among six individuals appointed to the State Fire Safety Board Sept. 13 by Gov. Rick Snyder.

The board develops fire safety rules covering the construction, operation and maintenance of schools, healthcare facilities, prisons, state-owned and -leased facilities and other public buildings.

"The appointees will provide the board with their experience, talents and skill. I look forward to their support in continuing to ensure Michigan's public buildings and workers are properly equipped for fire safety," Snyder said.

Hodek is a past chair of the Michigan Board of Professional Engineers and a previous member of the Michigan Board of Land Surveyors. He earned a bachelor's degree in civil engineering from the Michigan College of Mining and Technology, a master's degree from Michigan Tech and a PhD in geotechnical engineering from Purdue University. He will represent professional engineers on the board and replaces Earl Howard.

Hodek will serve a four-year term expiring July 15, 2015. Snyder's appointments are subject to the advice and consent of the Senate.

Tech among Four Michigan Schools Named Top National Universities

by Marcia Goodrich, senior writer

Michigan Tech joins three other Michigan schools ranked among the top universities in the nation in US News & World Report's 2012 edition of "Best Colleges."

In addition to Michigan Tech, Michigan State University, the University of Michigan and Western Michigan University were all included in US News' list of the nation's top national universities. Now ranked 115, Michigan Tech continues its climb on the list, a spot it shares with Washington State University, Howard University in Washington, DC, and the University of St. Thomas in Minnesota.


Tech's Enrollment Tops 7,000

by Marcia Goodrich, senior writer

With well over 7,000 students, enrollment is at its second-highest point since 1983.

Data reported to the State Budget Office on Wednesday, Sept. 7, show total enrollment at 7,031, a 1 percent increase over fall 2010's official figure of 6,976.

Female enrollment is up for the sixth straight year to an all-time high of 1,837, or 26.1 percent of the student body.


Instructor Performs for Youngsters

Instructor Libby Meyer (VPA) will perform "Big Violins for Little People" from 11 a.m. to noon, Tuesday, Sept. 20, at the Portage Lake District Library.

Children are invited to the musical introduction of stringed instruments with Amanda Plummer, director of Keweenaw Family Music. Find out what makes these big instruments so much fun for little people. Following the program, the youths will be able to try out the instruments.

The event is free and open to the public. For more information, contact the library at 482-4570 or visit Library.


DES PLAINES, IL (September 15, 2011)The American Society of Safety Engineers’ (ASSE) Women in Safety Engineering (WISE) Common Interest Group has honored Kathleen Dobson, CHST, LEED AP, of Smiths Creek, MI for making a difference in the safety, health and environmental (SH&E) field as part of the WISE ‘100 Women, Making a Difference in Safety’ project.  Women from around the world and throughout history have been honored for their dedication to protecting people, property and the environment and for going above and beyond to make a difference. 


Michigan Tech, SmartZone Collaborate to Help Research Move to the Marketplace

by Jennifer Donovan, director of public relations

To help commercialize innovations that develop at Michigan Tech, the University recently created Superior Innovations. This for-profit company will help move entrepreneurs and their early-stage discoveries from labs and classrooms into the marketplace.

MTEC SmartZone has joined with Tech and Superior Innovations to help entrepreneurs establish intellectual property protection and prepare go-to-market strategies for their ideas.


ACLU Challenges State Anti-Begging Law as Harsh, Unconstitutional
September 13, 2011

GRAND RAPIDS, Mich. – The American Civil Liberties Union of Michigan filed a lawsuit today asking a federal judge to strike down a state law that criminalizes peaceful panhandling in all public places. The lawsuit was filed against the state attorney general and the City of Grand Rapids, which has made 399 begging-related arrests since 2008.

“Anti-begging laws that punish that most vulnerable segment of our society are not only harsh, they are unconstitutional,” said Miriam Aukerman, ACLU of Michigan staff attorney. "Removing the reminders of poverty from our sight is not the answer to Michigan’s economic woes. We need laws and practices that provide compassionate solutions for our growing homeless population.”


Club Indigo Offers French Night
by Joe Kirkish, professor emeritus

Friday, Sept. 23, marks the next Club Indigo, which features an all-French evening, starting at 6 p.m. with a buffet from De La Terre, and ending with the film, "Jean De Florette," at 7:15 p.m. at the Calumet Theatre.

The movie tells the story of Jean, his wife and little daughter, who leave Paris to attempt a new life in a rustic farmhouse, which they inherited from Jean's mother. But they are unprepared for the hostile reception they receive from the people of the area. Led by a proud, cocky farmer and his simple-minded nephew, they do everything possible to discourage the new dwellers, but Jean is doggedly optimistic.

Richly textured, it is set in southern France's lush and beautiful Provence region. Winner of seven Academy Awards, this emotional, powerful adaptation of Marcel Pagnol's brilliant novel is a must-see.

Cost for both buffet and film: $18. Film alone: $5. Children are at a reduced rate. For the buffet, call at least a day in advance to the theatre to arrange for seating: 337-2610.

The movie is sponsored by Aspirus Keweenaw Hospital, in Laurium.

3 Wisconsin tribes to split nearly $4.4 million in federal law enforcement grants 

Three Wisconsin tribes, including the Lac du Flambeau Band of Lake Superior Chippewa Indians, will receive nearly $4.4 million in federal law enforcement grants, officials said Wednesday.

Wisconsin U.S. Attorney John W. Vaudreuil said the grants totaling $4,379,755 will go to three tribes in the Western District of Wisconsin to enhance law enforcement practices and sustain crime prevention and intervention efforts in eight purpose areas: public safety and community policing; methamphetamine enforcement; justice systems and alcohol and substance abuse; corrections and correctional alternatives; violence against women; elder abuse; juvenile justice; and tribal youth programs.

The tribes and the amount received are:

1. Lac Courte Oreilles Band of Lake Superior Chippewa Indians of Wisconsin –


2. Lac du Flambeau Band of Lake Superior Chippewa Indians - $1,932,851; and

3. St Croix Chippewa Indians of Wisconsin - $600,177.

Nationally, 150 American Indian and Alaskan Native nations are getting $118.4 million to assist in law enforcement efforts.

The awards are made under the department’s Coordinated Tribal Assistance Solicitation (CTAS), a single application for tribal-specific grant programs.

Lac du Flambeau tribal officials couldn’t immediately be reached for comment. Joseph Fath, Chief Deputy of the Vilas County Sheriff's Office said "I have not had the chance to meet with Chief Brandenburg on what his programs are under this grant.  I know he was talking about 4 - 6 new staff members."

Associate Attorney General Tom Perrelli announced the funding during the department’s 19th annual Four Corners Indian Country Conference in Ignacio, Colo., to an audience of nearly 300 attendees of tribal and federal law enforcement, prosecutors, judges and advocates in the fields of safety and justice.

The grants are administered by the Office of Community Oriented Policing, Office of Justice Programs and the Office on Violence Against Women. The complete list of the fiscal year 2011 CTAS grantees, a CTAS fact sheet and other information about the consolidated solicitation is also available at www.justice.gov/tribal .


Hurley Wisconsin's / 
August Vacation Getaway
Winner Selected
Thanks for entering in the August Vacation Getaway.The winner has been selected and is Jason J. from Iowa Fall, IA.  As a consulation prize, you will find a few coupons below that you may use on your next trip to Hurley.


Join Us for some upcoming Events.  October 6-10 is the 9th Annual ATV Pumkin Run.  Red Light Rally is Back December 8-11, 2011.


Don't forget we will be drawing a Vacation Getaway each Month so please Register again for the September Drawing by Clicking Here 

2012 New Venture Competition
Michigan Tech and Central Michigan University have partnered to create the New Venture Competition--one of the country's top business plan competitions. The top three competitors will take home $5,000, $10,000 or $30,000 to be used toward launching and growing their businesses.

Michigan Tech's Entrepreneurs and Inventors Club is leading the kickoff at 6 p.m., Monday, Sept. 19, in Fisher 139--free pizza and information will be provided. Stay tuned for details and important dates on the School of Business and Economics website. Faculty are encouraged to announce this opportunity at their classes.

For more information, contact Program Director Jonathan Leinonen (MTEC SmartZone) at 487-7004.

Shawn Hendrickson announces 2012 Finlandia softball recruiting class and 1st annual Blue/White intrasquad game
Hancock, MI. – September 14, 2011: Finlandia University women’s softball coach Shawn Hendrickson has announced that 14 student-athletes have committed to the 2012 women’s softball program.

The talented 14 player class joins 9 returning letter winners looking to improve upon their school record 25-11 season a year ago. The incoming class includes 5 players from California, 4 from Michigan (including 1 from the U.P.), and 1 each from Texas, North Carolina, Alaska, Wisconsin, and New York . Twelve of the players are true freshman with two transfer student-athletes from Fullerton College (CA.) entering the season with junior eligibility.

Coach Farrell Basketball Scholarship Awarded at Gogebic Community College
Tyler Gottschalk of Ironwood, Michigan, is the recipient of the Coach Farrell Basketball Scholarship. A freshman, Gottschalk is a basketball player on the GCC Samsons team enrolled in general education classes . According to GCC Basketball Coach and Athletic Director Dennis Mackey, “Tyler is a worthy recipient of this scholarship award. He was an outstanding high school athlete who is a solid student and a quality person. Tyler is one of my top recruits for 2011-12 and I’m excited to have him as part of our GCC basketball program!”

The Coach Gene Farrell Memorial Scholarship was established by family members and friends to honor the memory of Gene Farrell. Farrell was the basketball coach at GCC from 1968 – 1982. Farrell also coached tennis, golf, cross country and track at GCC. He served as athletic director and physical education instructor and was even in charge of student housing. In 1998, Farrell was presented with a Region 13 special achievement coaching award.

“Our family if pleased to continue to offer this scholarship to honor my father’s memory and a tribute to his coaching career at GCC,” said Craig Farrell, Coach Farrell’s son.

“Receiving this scholarship means a lot to me,” said Gottschalk. “I’m really looking forward to the basketball season!”

Coach Mackey also expressed his gratitude to the Farrell family for their continued support of the basketball program at GCC. “Scholarships such as this truly benefit the student athletes by assisting them with their tuition costs as they dedicate so much of their time to practice and games,” said Mackey.

For information about establishing a scholarship at Gogebic Community College, contact the GCC Foundation Office at (906) 932-4431, ext. 202 or visit our website at www.gogebic.edu.

Pictured above - (from left to right) Craig Farrell, representing the Farrell family, congratulates Tyler Gottschalk as the recipient of the Coach Farrell Basketball Scholarship with Dennis Mackey, GCC Athletic Director and Men’s Basketball Coach.

Former NHL Goaltender Volunteers to
Help Hockey Huskies


by Wes Frahm, director, athletic communications and marketing


Hockey coach Mel Pearson today announced the hiring of former NHL goaltender Steve Shields to the position of volunteer coach with the Huskies' program.

Shields, who played 10 seasons in the NHL from 1996-2006, will join the team immediately.

"I am pleased to announce that we've added Steve as our volunteer coach for the upcoming season," said Pearson. "I had the privilege of coaching Steve at Michigan, and I watched him develop from a college player to an NHL player.

"Not only will our goalies benefit from his expertise, but our defensemen will also learn from him. His time in the NHL will serve our team well."

Shields played at Michigan from 1990-94, compiling a 111-25 record and an NCAA record for career victories. The Wolverines won two Central Collegiate Hockey Association titles and made two NCAA Frozen Four appearances during his four years. Shields was named All-CCHA First Team and All-America Second Team as both a junior and senior.

Shields, who earned a bachelor's degree in education from Michigan in 1994, went on to a 12-year professional career that included stops at six different NHL teams (Buffalo, San Jose, Anaheim, Boston, Florida and Atlanta). The North Bay, Ontario, native was a Buffalo Sabres draft choice in 1991 but played most of his games with the San Jose Sharks. His overall NHL career included a 2.67 GAA and .911 save percentage in 246 games played. Shields won the Calder Cup as a member of the American Hockey League's Rochester Americans in 1996.

During his time as a player, Shields was taught by four of the hockey world's most respected goaltending coaches: Mitch Korn (Buffalo), Warren Strelow (San Jose), Wayne Thomas (San Jose) and Francois Allaire (Anaheim).

Following the end of his playing career, Shields founded iCoach.com, an online coaching solution and video synchronization software. He has been involved in the development of young goaltenders through that initiative since 2008.

"I am very grateful for the opportunity Coach Pearson has given me," Shields said. "I want to use my unique experience in hockey and goaltending to help Coach return the Tech hockey program to where he and the community expect it to be. I am honored to be a part of Michigan Tech hockey."

Shields joins assistant coaches Billy Muckalt and Damon Whitten in working under Pearson. Muckult (1994-98) followed Shields (1990-94) at Michigan, and the two played against each other in the NHL.

Former Husky Berger Signs with Vikings
by Wes Frahm, director, athletic communications and marketing

Former Tech football player Joe Berger (2001-04) was signed by the NFL's Minnesota Vikings on Monday, Sept. 12. The six-year NFL veteran was cut by the Miami Dolphins prior to the season.

Berger started 14 games at center for the Dolphins a year ago and 20 over his last two seasons in Miami.

The Newaygo native was drafted by the Carolina Panthers in 2005. He was signed by the Dolphins off of Carolina's practice squad prior to the 2005 season and spent a season and a half with Miami before being claimed off waivers by the Dallas Cowboys in 2006. Following the 2008 season, Berger was resigned by Miami to a multi-year contract as an unrestricted free agent.

Berger had a standout career at Michigan Tech. He earned All-America First Team and Academic All-American First Team honors as a senior in 2004, helping the Huskies to their only NCAA playoff berth. Berger was twice named GLIAC Offensive Lineman of the Year. He graduated from Michigan Tech in 2005 with a degree in mechanical engineering.

The 29-year-old Berger is currently listed as the backup at center on the Vikings depth chart. The Vikings next game will come at home vs. the Tampa Bay Buccaneers at 1 p.m., Sunday, Sept. 18.
Gustavus Adolphus Captures Golf Opener at UWEC
The final round of the Doug Georgianni Memorial was played at UW-Eau Claire Sunday.

Finishing first was Gustavus Adolphus, MN with a score of 653; 73 over. St. Olaf Mn, Finished second with a team score of 655 for the two rounds; 75 over.

The host team UW-EC finished third with a combined score of 658; 78 over.

View complete scoring information.

Finlandia Women's Golf Team will challenge the University of Wisconsin-Oshkosh on September 10th and 11th at Oshkosh WISC.

1 Gustavus Adolphus, MN

2 St. Olaf, MN             

3 UW-Eau Claire

t 4 Carleton College, MN

t 4 Illinois Wesleyan

t 6 Carroll University

t 6 UW-Whitewater

8 Viterbo University

9 Saint Benedict, MN

t 10  Gustavus 2 

t 10  St. Thomas, MN 

318 335 653 +73  329

326 655 +75

320 338 658 +78

326 355 681 +101

329 352 681 +101

338 345 683 +103

331 352 683 +103

335 352 687 +107

328 361 689 +109

335 360 695 +115

335 360 695 +115


The staff of IronwoodInfo is going on vacation beginning today September 4th. We will return in two weeks.


Festivale Italiliano
HURLEY - September 4, 2011

Rain Saturday postponed the Goldenaire’s performance by an hour. For those who waited for their favorite Drum and Bugle Corps were appropriately rewarded. The D&B under the direction of Dan Pitrone gave their best performance of the season. Saturday’s performance at Festival Italiano in Hurley was their penultimate appearance for this year.


above - Goldenaire Drum Line kneel in reverence to all the men and women who have served their nation in the armed services

Festival Italiano 50/50
The winning number for this years Festival Italiano 50/50 is # 5690. The winner will be able to claim the prize of $2,318.50 on Tuesday after the chamber reopens. Congrats to the winner!!!!


Former Fort Morgan city manager pronounced dead after apparent suicide

By Jordan Steffen
The Denver Post

Former Fort Morgan City Manger Patrick Merrill led police on a low-speed chase through Adams County Friday morning, before he apparently shot and killed himself, police say.

The incident happened two days after Merrill appeared in court in connection with a child pornography summons.

At 5:23 a.m., a Morgan County Sheriff's deputy contacted Brighton police, and requested a wellness check on 48-year-old Merrill, according to a news release from the Brighton Police Department.

The deputy was planning to speak with Merrill, who was staying at a Comfort Inn in Brighton, later that day.

When officers arrived at the hotel, Merrill was gone. A woman who had been at the hotel with Merrill, told officers he had left, and gave police his cell phone number.
Police called Merrill and were able to locate his truck.
Merrill refused to stop when police attempted to pull him over. Police remained on the phone with Merrill as they continued to follow him for about 25 minutes at speeds of 40 mph or less.

Merrill then drove behind a local business near U.S. Highway 85 and 124th Avenue.
After several minutes, officers approached the truck but got no response from Merrill. When officers arrived at the truck, they found Merrill unresponsive with an apparent self-inflicted gunshot would, police said.

He was pronounced dead at the scene.

Later that day, the Adams County Coroner's office released Merrill's name. Official manner and cause of death will be released pending an autopsy.

In October 2010, Merrill was issued a summons for sexual exploitation of a child and possession of child pornography, according to court records.
Merrill appeared in court on Wednesday.

In mid-January, Merrill received a severance settlement of $77,721 from the city of Fort Morgan when he was put on leave for undisclosed reasons, The Fort Morgan Times reported.

Jordan Steffen: 303-954-1794 or jsteffen@denverpost.com
The Fort Morgan Times contributed to this report

In Da Woods
by Melanie B. Fullman, US Forest Service

As the Worm Turns
When some folks see worms, they (the people) squirm. Others grab a fishing pole. Most of us were probably taught that worms are good for the soil.
Sure, they’re slimy and not very flashy. But they aerate our gardens, and feed robins and fish, so they must be beneficial, right?


Bessemer City Council To Meet  September 6




COUNCIL MEMBERS: Frello, Gaiss, Nelson, Zaleski, Olsen



1) Approval of Minutes – Special Meeting of August 23, 2011
2) Approval of Minutes – Regular Meeting of August 15, 2011
3) Minutes – Gogebic Range Water Authority July 14, 2011

1) General Fund
2) Major Street Fund
3) Local Street Fund
4) Water Utility Fund
5) Sewer Utility Fund

1) Gogebic County Fair Board

1) Communication Budget
2) Street Financing Overview
3) Leskoviansky: Request to Purchase
4) Dashboard - Update

1) Resolution No. 2009-26 – 9/11 National Moment of Remembrance

1) City Manager Report
2) DPW Report

EXECUTIVE SESSION – GRWA – Pending Litigation


Round 1 of the 2011 Doug Georgianni Memorial Invite is complete.

The first round of the Doug Georgianni Memorial Invite at UWEC finished Saturday for complete scoring Click Here.

Teams will finish with 18 holes Sunday at Wild Ridge Golf Course in Eau Claire


Huskies Top Winona State 23-6 in Football Opener

WINONA, Minn. — September 4, 2011

Michigan Tech dominated all facets of a 23-6 victory at Winona State in both teams’ season opener tonight at Verizon Wireless Stadium. The Huskies had possession of the football for 40 minutes and held the Warriors to 186 total yards in moving to 1-0 on the season.




Washington School Hosts Open House
above Leah who accompanied her dad Chris, stands in front to her new desk.  She is excited to get back to school and be with her friends.

BESSEMER – August 31, 2011

Although school doesn’t open for another week, teachers at Washington School were in their classrooms this week greeting their students and their parents.


August Regular Meeting of the Gogebic Community College Board of Trustees
IRONWOOD TOWNSHIP - August 31, 2011

Preliminary enrollment figures were given by Dean of Students Jeanne Graham. “As of today, it appears that our headcount is down four percent and our credit hours are down by 6.4% percent,” said Graham. “As we budgeted for a five percent decrease in both headcount and credit, this is right on target for our projections for the year.” As registration activity continues for the next several weeks, a final enrollment report will be given in October.



Up Up And Away
Ironwood residents were looking to the sky Wednesday afternoon catching glimpses of the ReMax hot air balloon as it drifted over Ironwood Township.

Members of the ReMax Team were on hand as the balloon landed and assisted in deflating it.

Photos by Bob Severin
Kruiser Outdoor Movie Night
IRONWOOD - September 1, 2011

The Klassic Kruisers held an outdoor movie event Wednesday evening. This year the Klassic Movie was Rebel Without a Cause, starring James Dean, Natalie Wood and Sal Mineo. The cult film was produced in 1955 the same year that the 24 year old actor was killed in an automobile accident.

The outdoor movie night included a car show of Klassic Kruiser automobiles. Of course there was popcorn and pop to accompany the movie. The were other food items available as well.

Continuing through Wednesday, September 7, the Klassic Kruisers Car Club is conducting their third annual “Kruisin’ for Kans” Food Drive, this year to benefit the Iron County Food Pantry.

Donations of non-perishable food items (please make sure they have unexpired dates), personal/health/home care items, and/or cash can be dropped off at Care-A-Van Convalescent Transport at 317 N. Lake Street in Ironwood; Super One Foods in both Hurley and Ironwood; Stempihar BP in Bessemer; Sunday Lake Supermarket in Wakefield; or call Tom Ravelli at 932-1865 or Linda Gustafson at 364-4064 for pick up prior to September 6.


2011 Porcupine Mountain Music Festival Day 3 


The Porcupine Mountain Music Festival concluded Sunday after another day of beautiful weather and great music.

The final day began with an early morning performance on the Pease Hill Stage by Yvonne Blake.
Following Blake there was a performance on the Singing Hills Stage by Black River John.
The tempo increased quite a bit when Hoots and Hellmouth made their third appearance at the festival. This group is from Pennsylvania and is fantastic. The group received a standing ovation by the crowd attending their performance, and was called back on the stage for an encore, a rare occurrence at the festival.


Children Perform at the Porkies

Each year there is a children’s performance on the closing day of the festival. The kids usually wear items that they have made at the Children’s activity Tent. The Activity tent opens on Saturday. At the tent a large group of volunteers keep an even larger group of youngsters busy during the day. The kid’s play games, engage in craft making and practice for their Sunday Performance.

The activity tent and the children’s performance are planned and supervised by Katie Maki, Children’s Tent Coordinator.


2011 Porcupine Mountain Music Festival Day 2 


Saturday the seventh annual Porcupine Mountain Musical Festival entered its second day. With more beautiful weather the festival attendees were treated to a great day of music in the beautiful porcupine mountains.

The Porcupine Mountain Music Festival made Michigan history in 2005 by becoming the first music festival to be held in a state park. The Friends of the Porkies organization that presents the festival is a nonprofit group that represents the interests of all users of the Porcupine Mountains Wilderness State Park. The park is a popular tourist attraction, with a breathtaking 60,000 acres of natural beauty located in Ontonagon County.


2011 Porcupine Mountain Music Festival Day 1


The seventh annual Porcupine Mountain Music Festival began Friday at Michigan’s Beautiful Porcupine Mountain State Park. Here at the festival you enjoy the great sounds of the Midwest’s premier musical event surrounded by nature and beauty of the Porkies, the Crown Jewel of Michigan’s State Park System.

The festival began mid-day Friday, when unfortunately many people were working. Unfortunate in that those who missed the opening missed Sista Otis, the "Original Good Time Girl," who was the opening act at this year’s Porcupine Mountain Music Festival missed. Her upbeat performance was the perfect way to begin what was to be a perfect day, in every way.

During the nine hours that followed Otis’s great performance, ten equally great singers, musicians and songwriters, would provide another not to be forgotten day of musical entertainment.

At any time of the day if you had to leave the festival, you would go away knowing that you had just enjoyed the best of the best.





Tournament Raises Funds For RSPC
IRONWOOD - September 2, 2011

Pat Gallinagh, pictured above, is holding a tee shirt designed for the recent Danny B Jack ‘N Jill Softball Tournament held in Montreal.

The fundraiser event resulted in a $2117 donation going to the Range Suicide Prevention Council. Coach Gallinagh is the President of the council.

Below Tee Shirt lists sponsors of the charitable event.

On September 10, the Sweet Charity Riders Club in conjunction with the Range Suicide Prevention .

Council is sponsoring the 2nd Annual Range Suicide Prevention Council Trail Ride at Indianhead Mountain Ski Resort in Wakefield. This a combined Suicide Prevention Awareness event and a fundraiser with all proceeds going to the Range Suicide Prevention Council earmarked to help prevent teenage suicide.
2nd Annual Range Suicide Prevention Council Trail Ride
The Sweet Charity Riders Club in conjunction with the Range Suicide Prevention
Council is sponsoring the 2nd Annual Range Suicide Prevention Council Trail Ride on Saturday, September 10,2011 at Indianhead Mountain Ski Resort in Wakefield starting at I p.m. CST. This a combined Suicide Prevention Awareness event and a fundraiser with all proceeds going to the Range Suicide Prevention Council earmarked to help prevent teenage suicide.

This is being held in conjunction with National Suicide Prevention Week, September 4th- to September 10th and on World Suicide Prevention Day September 10th. Suicide claimed over 35,000 lives in this country last year and over one million lives worldwide. It is an interactional, national and even a national security health problem. Our armed forces are reporting the highest rates of suicide among its ranks in history and we have now lost more veterans who fought in Vietnam to suicide than those killed in Vietnam. The Pentagon is finally beginning to deal with problem because they now realize that suicide can be prevented.

Suicide is the 116 leading cause of death nation-wide but 3rd for teenagers and 2nd for college students. The RSPC has been working tirelessly for the past decade to educate parents, teachers, administrators and gatekeepers on the risk factors, symptoms of depression and methods of intervening but we still have a long way to go. The RSPC is also working hard to get depression screening back into our local schools. Most people who complete the act of suicide were suffering from one or more diagnosable mental illnesses at the time of their deaths. Doctors believe most mental illnesses begin in adolescence and manifest themselves if early adulthood and tragically sometime sooner.
We all know preventative medicine is the easiest, safest and most cost effective form of medicine there is and the one form of medicine that everyone can practice without a license. Our schools should be teaching good coping skills, sound problem solving techniques, methods of developing social connectiveness and discouraging bullying, We all know that the earlier we entwine in an illness, the better the chances are for curing it.
Depression screening is one means of early detection of the on-set of depression which is the leading cause of suicide. All funds raised from this event will be devoted to these efforts.

All riders must have their own horse with a coggins. Registration will be $25 which will include 3 to 4 hour ride beginning at I p.m. CST, followed by a cowboy cookout starting around 5 p.m. and at 6 p.m. an evening program of speakers followed by a live band. Any horse enthusiast interested in participating in this worthy event, or those who would simply like make a donation are invited to participate. The cookout and evening program is open to the general public. Checks can be made payable to the Range Suicide Prevention Council and sent to the Range Suicide Prevention Council, Attn. Pat Gallinagh, 308 E. Tamarack, Ironwood, MI 49938. For more information please contact Sherry Cox, Betty Bowen or Pat Gallinagh at the numbers listed below.

Sherry Cox, Chairperson,

Betty Bowen  224-3261 Pat Gallinagh, President, RSPC  932-5718


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Bessemer, MI 49911
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