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2010 Finlandia - Diploma Works
Graduation Fashion Show
Annual Juried Student Exhibition
Dual Exhibit at Reflection Gallery
Fashion Show 2010
Koskenmaki Exhibit
Finlandia 's  FusionFest 2010
Alumni Exhibit At Finlandia Gallery
Prints by Tom Rudd and Margo McCafferty
Vandeville Exhibits At Copper Country Community Art Center 
Group exhibit features book illustrations by Josh Jaehnig and Rachel Reidenga, and photographs and paintings—in an exhibit titled “But There is So Much to Climb!”—by Sarah Anderson and Stephanie Trevino.
Carl Gawboy's Paintings
Exhibition of Altered and Handmade Aprons

“Remnants and Residual Memories,” an exhibition of artwork by Philadelphia artist Melinda Steffy