Asparagus with Mustard Sauce
Barley Baked, Roasted
Beans, green with pearl onions
Beef Stew - Microwave
Berry Cheesecake Pie
Beets in Orange Sauce
Cabbage Rolls-Finnish     
Cabbage Rolls - German
Cabbage, Red with Apples
Cabbage Rolls - Microwave
Cake, Martha's Favorite
Casserole, Chicken Cordon Bleu
Casserole, Chicken Greek Lemn
Casserole, Chicken Italian
Casserole, Chicken Mexican
Casserole, Chicken Oriental
Casserole, Chicken Polynesian
Casserole, Mac & Cheese
Casserole, Sheppard's Pie
Casserole, Tuna Melt
Chicken Chausseur
Chicken, Jefferson Fried
Chicken Hungarian Paprika
Cucumber Bisque
Grilled Chicken and Vegetable
Grilled Chicken, Lemon Basil
Grilled Chicken, North Carolina
Grilled Chicken Oriental
Grilled Chicken Sate
Grilled Chicken tarragon
Grilled Chicken, Texas Style
Grilled Chicken, West Indies
Irish Coffee Pudding
Chicken, Spicy Barbeque
Cornmeal Mush
Custard, Fresh Orange
Djuved-Yugoslav Stew
Fish Filets Amandine, Microwave Recipe
Lamb, Roast Leg of
Lamb,  Simmered - Finnish
Lamb, Irish Stew
Maryland Cream of Crab Soup
Onions, Ragoo of
Osso Buco ala Milanese 
Pheasant, Roast with Applejack Cream Sauce
Polenta, Baked
Pork Chops,Stuffed  Deluxe
Pork Luau Spareribs
Pork, Miniature Pies
Hickory-Smoked Royal Ribs
Potato Dumplings - German 
Potatoes, Franconia
Potato Pancakes
Cheesy Potato Chowder
Pudding, Hasty  
Pudding, Cheese Curd
Pulla, Finnish coffee cake
Pumpkin Soup, French
Quiche'Occitane au Fromage
Raviol,i Butternut Squash
Salad, Carolina Coleslaw
Salad, Molded Chicken and Cucumber
Salad Summer Smorgasbord
Salad, Pasta Nicoise
Salad, Turkey Noodle
Salmon with Hollandaise - Holland
Salad, Irish Smoked Salmon
Sauce, Mint
Strawberry Snowballs, Finnish  (Mansikkalumi)
Soup, Cheddar Ale
Soup, Chicken
Soup, Cucumber
Soup, Shrimp & Okra
Soup, Maryland Cream of Crab
Soup Cream of Peanut
Soup, Cheesy Potato Chowder
Soup, Cock-a-leekie
Soup, French Pumpkin
Soup, N.E. Clam Chowder
Soup Stracciatella
Soup, Turkey
Spinach Mashed Potatoes
Steak, Lemon-Marinated Chuck Roast (grilled)
Steak, Smoked French Pepper
Stew Beef - Microwave
Stew, Polish Hunters'
Stew, Yugoslav - Djuved
Stew Hunters' Venison (French)
Stracciatella Soup
Stroganoff,Beef  Finnish
Tomatoes, stewed
Venison with Cream Sauce, Roast Saddle of